Challenge:, where 44% of Americans start their retail search, had a problem. No one had heard of Amazon Payments.

Amazon Payments was the e-retailer's answer to ApplePay. It was available for any Amazon user for free, and allowed shoppers to use their Amazon payment information on hundreds of sites across the internet. Amazon Payments keeps your billing information secure, and the online retailers take it just like they would PayPal.  

Despite its ease of use and easy access, few people knew what to do with the Amazon Payments button when they saw it show up on, say, The fear of the unknown is reason enough to avoid any button on the internet.

Even genius plans from internet giants need a little marketing help sometimes, right?

Solution: Luckily, Amazon Payments wasn't broken, bad or boring. It just wasn't clear. It needed to be rebranded and marketed as the simple tool it was and is.

I worked with POSSIBLE to rebrand Amazon Payments as AmazonPay. The message's goal is to let users know that had an entirely free service for anyone who had an Amazon account. That service was available across the internet - whether in niche online boutiques, big e-retailers or weird, dark holes of the interwebs.

To express the sentiment and easy access, I created the concept and tagline you'll see below: "For Whatever You Love, Amazon Pay." I worked with Art Directors to create iMedia and a website. The beautiful video work of Brad Mahler so neatly encapsulates what it means to say, "For Whatever You Love, Amazon Pay."


Katherine Hicks