Hey. I’m Katie. I’m a freelance ACD and copywriter with 13 years of experience. I work with clients all over the country. Traveling is a big part of my life and I combine it with work whenever I can.

I started my career in account management in New York City, which turned out to be excellent experience for my future business. I managed agency relationships with the Democratic National Convention Committee, Hearst, Procter & Gamble, GAP, Allstate, and Kraft.

I knew I wanted to be a writer, but getting there required tricky footwork. I raised my hand when MiO, a client we had while I worked at SS+K, was launched and they needed a social media manager and writer. After putting every drop of energy I had into creating content for a liquid water enhancer, I quit my job to figure out what was next.

For the next three months I slept on a couch, worked as a waitress at a rowdy bar and soaked up everything NYC had to offer.

I got back into social media, but this time it was as the Global Social Media Manager for Cole Haan. Luckily, the Executive Creative Director liked my work and promoted me to Copywriter. Soon after, I became the only copywriter in the company during a rebrand. I wrote for in-store, out of home, digital, packaging, product descriptions, press releases… You name it, I was on it.

Next, I got the schooling of a lifetime at Michael Kors. I was tapped to lead their social media strategy and global influencer partnerships. I spent a lot of time with style influencers creating media content and figuring out how to turn their ideas into something the whole world of Kors could use. After hours, I squeezed in work for the editorial team to get extra copywriting experience under my belt.

Wanting a change, I moved to Cincinnati to write, creative direct and concept for haircare and beauty brands owned by Procter & Gamble. Then, I helped launch a snack bar and was responsible for the campaign, tagline, digital advertising, and all the fun that comes with it.

Since then, I’ve been a full-time, freelancing writer. I’ve worked with Marmot on brand positioning, campaigns and product stories; written scripts of poetry for Secret deodorant; and detailed the design system, tone of voice and future of e-commerce for Ford.

I love writing and using whatever talent I have to help good companies do great things. Let’s work together!

Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Abbot Nutrition
Michael Kors
Cole Haan