Marmot Spring 2019

For the first time in my career, I like my body copy more than I like my headlines.

Marmot is an outdoor apparel and gear company based in San Francisco. They started in 1974 as the most technically sophisticated gear makers out there, and in the last couple years they’ve reemerged to claim that title once again.

This is a workbook designed to help Marmot’s sales team sell into retailers like REI. The task was one part brand positioning and one part “make ‘em want it.”

Marmot Spring 2019 Workbook.jpg
Marmot Spring 2019 Workbook_Underwear.jpg
Marmot Spring 2019 Workbook_Sleeping Bags.jpg
Marmot Spring 2019 Workbook_Rainwear.jpg
Katherine Hicks